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A Hat Saved Is A Hat Retained

Here’s how Capsurz® saved my hat…what our hat-happy and “cap sure” customurz are saying:  Click here to share your Capsurz® story and photos.

Ellen K., New York, NY

“Hi, I just got my cap retainer and I love, love, love it.

I don’t have a Facebook or Google+ account, for privacy concerns, so I’m sorry that I can’t *Like* and review the cap retainer on those sites. But I’ll review it elsewhere, if you have some suggestions. Please let me know.”

Chris S., Squirrel Lake, WI Chris, Squirrel Lake, WI, 48 mph wind testimonial

“Winds on Squirrel Lake, WI were clocked at 48 MPH this day – just check the waves! My Capsurz kept my favorite Big Head Hat securely in place…. I don’t “Like” my Capsurz, I freakin LOVE it!”

Meredith R., Woodstock, IL

“I bought Capsurz at the counter of my local Harley dealership as I stood there thinking, ‘I am not a good motorcycle passenger when all I can think about is my hat flying off.’ Mine has the little skull charm (so cute!  if you ever make one with a girl skull with a bow in her hair, I’ll buy that too!). Love it and I’m a safer rider now that I’m not distracted!”

Allison P., Jacksonville, FL Allison fishing easier with Capsurz testimonial

“Easier to fish since I discovered Capsurz. I never use my hands to hold my hat anymore. A boat ride at 58 mph and my hat never moves. So thankful I can put my hat on and ride out worry free, no knots in my hair, and never lose my favorite hat.”

Gary P., Bend, OR

“How did I find your product? Honestly by luck! Actually I found your great product on Paddling.net. I was curious about the word Capsurz. I had no idea what it was for. I was looking under the word hat! I was actually looking for how I was to keep my cowboy hat on while fishing in the wind. I would suggest you show your product to all fly fishing clubs, Trout Unlimited, Orvis, etc. Just an idea.”

Paul M., Crystal Lake, IL

“We were in Costa Rica and I took my sons on a jet ski tour. My hat would have gone flying off at high speed, but I was sure glad I had my Capsurz holding it to me. I’m so glad I had Capsurz because it would have been a very long morning doing that and snorkeling in the blistering sun without my hat. My bald spot would have never survived and I would have been miserable the rest of our vacation.”

Janet H., Raleigh, NC

“I drive a convertible and found my first Capsurz in Lake Geneva, WI. LOVED it from the first trial and now that we have fun in our Lotus Super 7, I won’t ride without my Capsurz! Friends have also purchased Capsurz and are as big a fan as I am. Simple, dependable, and unobtrusive!!!!!!!!!! GREAT product! Once you own one, you’ll agree. I just bought two more!”

Randy M., Westerville, OHRandy Murray rocks Capsurz at windy Avebury, UK

“I am a bald man…That’s why I was pleased to receive…a very clever item called a Capsurz.

It’s one of those, “why didn’t I think of that?” items…The really clever part is the little metal anchors that (are) designed to hook it to the internal hatband. This is something that I would not have thought of on my own.

These hooks make it easy to add to one’s hat, easy to remove or move to another, and are completely unnoticeable when wearing. I recommend them. They’re inexpensive and available in many different styles and colors.

The price is a pittance compared to the indignity of a hat blown off or losing it forever.”

Denny K., Minneapolis, MN

“Well, we were camping on a peninsula campsite and had a great fishing area that went right out into the lake. I was fishing for hours and it was blowing and storming off and on all day. After we were back at campsite, I told my friend who had given me a Capsurz, ‘That strap thingy really does work.’

One day we were just doing a day trip and my friend came around a point and the wind picked up fast. He just dropped the Capsurz down and continued to paddle without missing a stroke or losing his hat. Capsurz was indeed a nice extra to our caps during our trip.”

Fred H., Colorado Springs, COFred rides Harley 75 mph 40+ mph gusts testimonial

“I have been able to ride with a ball cap under conditions that would ordinarily have sent that cap sailing into the woods.

At 75 mph there is noticeable vibration but the cap stays on. I experienced 40+ mph gusts of cross-wind that I feared would cause the strings to give way or the clips to lose grip, but no problem – the hat stayed on. I think you all have a real winner with these.

I‘m not sure how well Capsurz will catch on with macho biker-types where image is way more important than convenience, but I like them so I‘ll wear Capsurz wherever I go….I took a spin through Garden of the Gods park over lunch today and found someone kind enough to snap the attached photo of me wearing a Capsurz. Again, thanks. I wish you all the best in your business.”

John C., San Diego, CA

“Hello Mari and Eric,

The Capsurz arrived fine – very pleased with both – I think it’s a great idea especially as I run an old British MG open top car which is darned windy. Thank you for a product we have been needing for a long time. I belong to the San Diego MG Car Club and will show off your product at our next meeting. Cap (and Capsurz) now tested at 80 mph (laugh) – your design really works…. All the very best from San Diego – John”

Ed S., Littleton, CO

“Yay! Just got our second Capsurz (we ride scooters). It is truly the greatest thing since sliced bread!”

Alan Jones, Executive Editor, Boating World MagazineExec Editor Boating World Magazine testimonial

“We put the CAPSURZ system through its paces during our most recent boat testing session at speeds up to 70 mph and found it to work brilliantly at keeping our hats where they belong. Most years I go through 4 or 5 hats, but this year maybe I can keep one long enough to become my lucky hat.”

Douglas J., Loves Park, IL

“It’s my pleasure to have ordered these since I don’t wear a helmet and being bald I’m ready to wear my hat without losing it. That sunburn on the scalp does not feel good. LOL. I have told every rider I know about your product and plan on telling more and showing them off. Thank You!”

Lynda B., Edwardsville, IL

“I bought my first one at Tifton Harley-Davidson in Georgia. Always before I had to wear a hooded sweatshirt over my hat so wouldn’t blow off. With Capsurz it stays on all the time!”

Jon, Cruisin’ The Coast (Biloxi, MS) in a 1924 Model TJon, 1924 Model T Ford, will recommend testimonial

“Capsurz worked great. Hard to tell it’s there. Will recommend.”

Francis M., New Haven, CT

“I planned our family’s first horseback riding Spring Break to a dude ranch in Arizona: Christmas gifts of beautiful cowboy hats announced our plans to the kids. A couple of weeks before our departure, I noticed in the fine print of the brochure’s gear list that any hats worn while riding need to have stampede cords. I didn’t realize that this string or chinstrap meant that the hat had to have holes which ours did not. I googled how to save my hat and fortunately came up with your Capsurz website.

I ordered them and got them right away. When we got to the dude ranch, everybody wanted to know where we got the Capsurz, especially the people who had to have holes put in their expensive Stetsons. The Capsurz were strong and comfortable. My kids remarked that they didn’t even realize they were wearing them. Better yet, we never lost our hats to the wind. Thanks, Capsurz, for the best way to retain our hats. After our vacation, I transferred them to our baseball caps and we wear them all the time.”

Ted N., Chicago, ILTed Nelson and Capsurz: adventure travel ready

“It is difficult to look cool when chasing your hat in a windstorm…Capsurz keeps your adventure travel hat from blowing in the wind.

How many times will your hat blow off before it is secured to your head? The answer my friend is a Capsurz around your neck, the answer is a Capsurz around your neck.”

Anita S. and Matt W., Gurnee, IL

“Usually as a sailor you look up at the sails a lot to check if they are set at optimum angle to the wind and…right then ‘it happens.’ The wind catches the cap under the brim and swoosh it goes. I had not worn a cap while sailing for years just because of this happening and I did not want to worry about my cap. Also I was sick of having one of my hands on my head to prevent my hat from flying off. I got into the mode of ‘well, I don’t wear hats.’

But since I attached the Capsurz…no more worries and I actually do now wear my hat while sailing!! Which is way better to protect my eyes and face from too much sun. Matt’s cap got saved again last weekend, too, when he looked up at the sails and the wind caught its brim. Capsurz got into action and the hat was saved! 2x this year. Matt treasures his Breitling cap. Now I, too, truly fully appreciate the function of your invention :):)”

Anita at the helm of her sailboat testimonial
Anita from behind steering sailboat testimonial
Matt aboard sailboat, Chicago skyline testimonial

Jim W., Zion, ILJim on his scooter, best bucks spent testimonial

“I spent the best few bucks I’ve ever spent last weekend when I bought a Capsurz detachable chin strap for ball caps. It is the simplest yet most functional piece of gear I’ve seen in quite some time.

When it’s not in use it’s practically unnoticeable. The same can be said for it when being used and when extended to its full length it harmlessly hangs from the inner liner of the cap and looks like a simple necklace.

It does exactly what it is supposed to do…keeps your cap on your head.

If you’re a boater, cyclist, jogger/runner, or any sort of outdoor enthusiast you’ll surely enjoy having a Capsurz attached to your cap. I ride a small scooter to and from work and as soon as I clipped the Capsurz in place, I took a ride and put it to the test. I’m almost 6’4” and I deliberately sat up as straight as I could and at 35 mph my cap stayed put without even the slightest movement.

I’ll use it in my boat as well, for sure. So simple, so effective and so affordable; I can’t say enough nice things about it. It’s just great!”

Fred S., London, OntarioFred, paddling in London, Ontario testimonial

“Dear Mari and Eric,

Today I finally received my Capsurz and affixed it to my cap. It was a cold and very windy day and I had to take my pooch for a walk. My hat stayed on! Thanks for the really neat idea.

I wish you both nothing but the best in your business enterprise. I love your inventiveness and your unbridled enthusiasm. It’s all so very refreshing in this difficult period of our economic recovery. Keep up the great efforts and I look forward to your next great invention.

thank you

Bob C., Nashua, NH

“I am anxiously awaiting my Capsurz. Although I have not lost a hat, I have had some turn-arounds to go and fetch a wind blown hat. I kayak, bike, and drive a convertible, so I will feel more relaxed while doing these things knowing that my hat is ensconced firmly on my head with your fine product. I read about you on PaddleNews, the weekly newsletter of Paddling.net. Have a great day. I am going back to sit by my mailbox.”

Mary Jane C., Ocean City, NJMJ walks her dog on the windy beach testimonial

“‘It’s not where you walk, it’s who walks with you’

I was thinking: I only have one dog but many hats, each with a matching Capsurz. It was very nice to talk to you and good luck! *MJ*”

Nathaniel B., West Hills, CANathaniel cruises windy Greece testimonial

“I was on a cruise in Greece. When we got on land, it was extremely windy, and I even saw one person lose their hat when the wind blew it off into the sea. With the Capsurz, I did not have to hold onto my hat like many other people did on the cruise and on land. It held my hat securely on my head, and I had no worry that it was going to blow off. Capsurz was a great thing to have on the trip and it could definitely help many other people.”

Marion B., Thomasboro, IL

“Mari, I’m sure glad I found out about your product. My wife Ann and I could have used that cinch for a whole lot of years. It sure does a good job of keeping my cap on my head. Again THANK YOU!!! You can use my letter as a satisfied customer, and have a blessed day. ps let me know if and when you have any new products.”

Linda B., Madison, NCLinda fishing on lake in her bass boat testimonial

“I am forever taking my cap off and usually sitting on it when I am driving my bass boat up and down the lake going to my next fishing spot. I thought that if this product lives up to its claim of keeping a cap on your head at up to 60 mph, I would be impressed. I was also curious as to how hard a Capsurz is to attach to the cap.

We put our Capsurz to the test on Clarks Hill Lake in Georgia and found that it is everything it says it is…easy to attach to your cap, easy to slide the beads to use the chin strap, easy to re-slide the beads and use it as a decorative hat band and we did not have to take our caps off at any time during our boat rides to keep them from blowing into the lake. The Capsurz looks good, is easy to use and it really works!”

Scott H., Minneapolis, MNScott paddling the Zumbro River testimonial

“The Capsurz proved its worth on the canoe trip on the Zumbro River, you couldn’t have asked for a better test day. It was very windy all day long with winds gusting to 20 – 30 mph and since we were in a river valley the wind blew from every direction at one time or another. At one point we had whitecaps coming back up the river at us. It wasn’t 5 minutes into the trip and I had brought the Capsurz down from the crown of my cap and secured it under my chin.

Every time I had an opportunity to show it off I did and there were a couple of times that the wind blew so hard that the cap lifted off my head and was standing straight up on the back of my head still secured by the Capsurz. I guess the windy day just confirmed my support of your product. At the get together after the paddling I donated two Capsurz to the raffle drawing and made sure the winners knew how to use them.

Please feel free to post my testimonial – the Capsurz clearly work as advertised.”

Wm. C., Phoenix, AZ

“I finally got to do a little riding again this past weekend and used your product for the very first time. Capsurz WORKED GREAT.

In states where there are no helmet laws, like my state, Arizona, we can ride without helmets if we wish to, and since the sun is so hot here in Phoenix, well I then like to wear a cap with a brim to keep the sun off of my face, the only problem being, until now, was the wind constantly blowing my caps off my head and because of this, me always having to tilt my head down while riding.

I have quite a cap collection, close to 100 at least, and I prefer to wear them while riding than wearing brimless bandanas because of the sun.

It’s easy to lose a hat on a boat, as well. Lots of reasons for using Capsurz! Something that cap wearers have ‘needed’ and ‘desired’ for so long!

I think you have a real winner with Capsurz. Other devices for cap retainers are obviously very much inferior to yours, seeing how they all pretty much require a clip on the outside of the hat. I think ‘everyone’ in this situation has thought about using alligator clips, me included, but of course what goes with that is the potential damage the clips could cause to the outside of the hats or brims. And many people are kinda fond of their caps/hats and collect them like myself, and therefore don’t want to damage them if they can help it, many caps being from remote and special places.

Your solution to this problem seems to be the long-sought-for right one. And what a simple thing Capsurz is, too, the ‘simple’ solution and utilization of what millions of cap wearers all over this country and world needed for our caps vs. the wind and have long been looking/wishing for – CAPSURZ!

BTW, I’m planning on ordering 2 more of your product today, as gifts for two of my friends who also ride. I really, truly enjoy supporting GREAT American products and inventions, like yours.

God bless yous all and your company, and once again thanks for such a long-needed, great product and invention.

A Capsurz fan”