How to Use Capsurz®

How to Use Capsurz® 2018-03-07T18:36:52+00:00

Capsurz® prevents your hat from blowing off in the wind!

Capsurz® 101: Please watch our 1 minute how-to-use video.

Capsurz® Cap Retainer clips to inside hat band
Capsurz® Cap Retainer keeps your hat on in wind
  1. Attach stainless steel clips to the inside band on any hat. Move clips closer to the brim for more hold in strong winds. Capsurz® can easily be moved from hat to hat.
  2. Now put your hat on. To secure Capsurz® under your chin, use both hands to pull beads together to loosen, extending the length of the cords. Pull beads apart to tighten, shortening the length of the cords.
  3. Here’s how conveniently Capsurz® stows on your brim: with your hat on your head and using both hands, place the cord on your brim, hold a bead with each hand then pull the beads apart to tighten, shortening the length of the cords into the crook of the hat brim and crown. To move Capsurz® under your chin, using both hands, simply pull the beads together to extend the cords’ length.
Capsurz® Cap Retainer clips to inside hat band

Benefits: Hat Wearing Is So Much Better With Capsurz®

  • You can wear your hat loose.
    Forget about that massive case of hat hair and those nagging headaches brought on by too tight hats.
  • Look at the money you’ll save!
    No more lost hats. Forget about buying hats over and over.
  • You know that life-threatening, heart-pounding, knee-jerk reaction to lunge after your hat? End the danger of overreaching and losing your balance. Your hat is staying on your head where it belongs.
  • Wear your favorite hat anywhere without worrying you may lose it.
    You love that hat. You feel so good in that hat. It’s your lucky hat, right? Wear it with confidence and security.
  • You will be hands free!
    Keep your hat on your head hands free with Capsurz
  • U.S. Pat. 6,442,762
  • 100% Guaranteed