Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-03-07T18:36:52-06:00
Why do I need a Capsurz®?2018-03-07T18:36:54-06:00

To combat that surprise gust of wind. You’re a hat wearer walking down the street or enjoying outdoor activities such as motorcycling, boating, fishing, sailing, hiking, paddling, jet skiing, snow skiing, horseback riding, convertible driving,…etc. Capsurz® adds a cord to your hat for you to have the *hands free* security of knowing your hat will stay on your head.
Keep your hat on your head hands free with Capsurz

If you don’t have a Capsurz® and the wind hijacks your hat:

  • You’ll be without the sun protection of a hat and without the eye protection of a hat brim. Hello blisters, headaches, and eye strain.
  • You’ll either be too embarrassed to chase after it and therefore lose it. Or you might be very embarrassed by actually chasing after it. Or you might not even have the option of chasing after it…your hat blows irretrievably away. Think Grand Canyon. Or Niagara Falls. Or down any interstate or river, parking lot or beach, roller coaster or…you get it.
  • You’ll lose your favorite hat, your lucky hat, or the hat you just can’t replace. Heck, if you don’t use a Capsurz® you might never even wear that favorite hat, lucky hat or irreplaceable hat because you’re too afraid of the wind snatching it from you. And do you really want to dish out more money to (try to) buy the same hat again?
How strong of a wind can Capsurz® withstand?2018-03-07T18:36:54-06:00

The variables of wind and speed impact how tight you wear your Capsurz®. A proud motorcyclist let us know he rode at 110 mph and Capsurz® kept his hat on! We recommend you keep Capsurz® as snug as you need – personal preference – depending on the activity, wind, and speed you are experiencing. Be safe.

Why am I safer wearing a Capsurz®?2015-10-01T15:42:04-05:00

Whether hat-wearing outdoor enthusiasts are walking, hiking, horseback riding, driving cars, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, jet skis, sailing, skiing or paddling each activity becomes dangerous when your natural instinct takes over and you automatically overreach to grab after your windblown hat. Capsurz® prevents that surprise knee-jerk reaction by securely keeping your hat on your head. Be confident.

I’ve lost so many hats to the wind. What kinds of hats does Capsurz® save from blowing off in the wind?2018-03-07T18:36:54-06:00

Capsurz® Cap Retainer clips to inside hat band Capsurz® works on any baseball cap, cowboy hat, bucket hat, fitted cap, straw hat, sun hat, trucker hat, visor…any hat with an inside band.

Does Capsurz® work on all inside hat bands?2015-10-01T15:34:14-05:00

Yes. The pliable stainless steel clips accommodate to any thickness of inside hat band. If the hat band is very thin, the stainless steel allows you to squeeze the clips tighter.

Can I wear my hat loose? Tight hats give me a headache.2018-03-07T18:36:54-06:00

Yes. Now Capsurz® allows you to wear your hat loose, avoiding the headache caused by wearing your hat too tight in an effort to keep it on your head. Cinch Capsurz® as tight as you determine is necessary for your activity and loosen your hat to your personal preference.

Will Capsurz® work on a baby’s hat?2015-10-01T15:33:12-05:00

Due to small parts Capsurz® is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Does Capsurz® work if I wear my baseball cap backward?2015-10-01T15:32:38-05:00

Yes. Capsurz® attaches to the inside band the same way whether you wear your ball cap forward or backward.

Does Capsurz® clip to my collar?2015-10-01T15:28:34-05:00

No. Don’t confuse Capsurz® with that other passive cord that clips your hat only to your collar…provided you’re actually wearing clothes. Capsurz® actively keeps your hat on your head just like hats with built-in chinstraps. Capsurz® is a better cap trap.

Are the clips comfortable?2015-10-01T15:27:47-05:00

Yes. Capsurz® flat profile stainless steel clips are designed for total comfort.

Why are Capsurz® clips made of stainless steel?2015-10-01T15:27:08-05:00

Stainless steel does not rust or corrode like nickel or other metals making it ideal for salt water fishing, boating, and sailing. Stainless steel is durable and long-lasting: your Capsurz® Cap Retainer is likely to outlast your hat!

How do I know where to locate the clips?2018-03-07T18:36:54-06:00

We recommend locating your clips as close to the brim as possible for more hold in strong wind conditions (i.e., motorcycling). By wearing Capsurz® you’ll quickly determine your personal preference and positively keep your hat on your head.

Will the clips damage my hat?2015-10-01T15:26:01-05:00

No. Capsurz® clips will not damage your hat like the sharp teeth on bulky alligator clips. Capsurz® clips are designed to make it easy to move your Capsurz® from hat to hat.

Will my hair be pulled by the clips?2015-10-01T15:25:19-05:00

Not at all! How many people do you know who like having their hair pulled? We designed our clips to have a flat profile. Don’t confuse Capsurz® clips with the sharp, damaging teeth on alligator clips: your hair will not get caught.

Will Capsurz® clips stain my hat?2015-10-01T15:24:47-05:00

No. Capsurz® clips are made of stainless steel which does not rust or corrode.

My head is huge. Will Capsurz® fit me?2015-10-01T15:23:38-05:00

Capsurz® cord extends to 21.5” to allow for slack under your chin and adjusts to stow on your brim.

Will Capsurz® stay snug?2018-03-07T18:36:54-06:00

Yes. Adjust Capsurz® to your personal preference and it will remain cinched. The dual bead adjustments on either side maintain their position, unlike hats that use a single bead known to slip.

If the cord gets wet will it leave marks on my hat? Will it stretch?2015-10-01T15:22:28-05:00

No. Capsurz® cord is colorfast and UV-protected. It is not elastic.

Can I get the cord in other colors?2015-10-01T15:22:00-05:00

Currently Capsurz® cord is available in black, sand, and white.

What does “Brim to Chin Convenience” mean?2015-10-01T15:21:11-05:00

Capsurz® is designed to stow on your brim when wind is of no concern and secure under your chin to keep your hat on. Capsurz® conveniently rests on your brim, ready for windy conditions. When the wind kicks up, Capsurz® is conveniently ready for you to easily secure under your chin. You can snug it up as tight as necessary or leave it loose.

Is Capsurz® easy to transfer from hat to hat?2015-10-01T15:19:42-05:00

Yes. Capsurz® cord and clip combination is not a permanent attachment and is easy to move.

How tight should I cinch my Capsurz®?2018-03-07T18:36:54-06:00

You can snug it up as tight as necessary or leave it loose, all depending on what you’re doing and how windy it is. It’s easy to determine your personal preference.

Does Capsurz® always have to stow on the brim?2015-10-01T15:10:04-05:00

You can toss Capsurz® up into the crown of your hat when wind is not an issue. You can toss it behind your head, too. We like it stowed on the brim because it’s always there, ready for windy conditions. When the wind kicks up, Capsurz® is ready for you to simply bring the cord down under your chin. Action ready!

Will Capsurz® come off when I take my hat off?2015-10-01T15:10:04-05:00

Capsurz® stainless steel clips accommodate varying thicknesses of hat bands. If the hat band is very thin, the stainless steel allows you to squeeze the clips tighter to be sure they remain in place when you take off your hat.

What does the name Capsurz® mean?2015-10-01T15:07:44-05:00

Too many hats succumb to the wind, littering our roads and waterways, leaving outdoor enthusiasts sunburned and sad. What good is wearing a cap if it blows irretrievably away? Be hat-happy and “cap sure” with Capsurz®.

Where can I buy Capsurz® other than

Closeup of Capsurz® Cap Retainer wind clipsYou can find Capsurz® at more and more retailers. Here’s our current list.  Know a store that ought to sell Capsurz®? Please tell them. And let us know, too!  Remember…the name is on the clips!