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Capsurz How To: Secures under chin; stows on brim
Winds on Squirrel Lake were clocked at 48 MPH…I don’t “Like” my Capsurz, I freakin LOVE it!
Chris S., Squirrel Lake, WI
I am not a good motorcycle passenger when all I can think about is my hat flying off. Love (Capsurz) and I’m a safer rider now that I’m not distracted!
Meredith R., Woodstock, IL
I found your great product…looking for how I was to keep my cowboy hat on while fishing in the wind. I would suggest you show your product to all fly fishing clubs, Trout Unlimited, Orvis, etc.
Gary P., Bend, OR
I took my sons on a jet ski tour… sure glad I had my Capsurz… it would have been a very long morning…in the blistering sun without my hat.
Paul M., Crystal Lake, IL
I drive a convertible and found my first Capsurz in Lake Geneva, WI. I won’t ride without my Capsurz! Simple, dependable, and unobtrusive!!!!!!!!!!
Janet H., Raleigh, NC
I was fishing for hours and it was blowing and storming off and on all day. That strap thingy really does work.
Denny K., Minneapolis, MN
I experienced 40+ mph gusts of cross-wind that I feared would cause the strings to give way or the clips to lose grip, but no problem – the hat stayed on. I think you all have a real winner with these. I‘ll wear Capsurz wherever I go.
Fred H., Colorado Springs, CO
I run an old British MG open top car which is darned windy. Thank you for a product we have been needing for a long time…now tested at 80 mph – your design really works…
John C., San Diego, CA
Yay! Just got our second Capsurz (we ride scooters). It is truly the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Ed S., Littleton, CO
… during our most recent boat testing session at speeds up to 70 mph…found (Capsurz) to work brilliantly… this year maybe I can keep one long enough to become my lucky hat.
Alan Jones, Executive Editor, Boating World Magazine
I had not worn a cap while sailing for years…sick of having one of my hands on my head to prevent my hat from flying off. But since I attached the Capsurz…no more worries!
Anita S. and Matt W., Gurnee, IL
I spent the best few bucks ever when I bought a Capsurz. It is the simplest yet most functional piece of gear. If you’re a boater, cyclist, jogger/runner, or any sort of outdoor enthusiast you’ll surely enjoy having a Capsurz attached to your cap. It does exactly what it is supposed to do…keeps your cap on your head.
Jim W., Zion, IL
I was on a cruise in Greece…it was extremely windy. With the Capsurz, I did not have to hold onto my hat like many other people did on the cruise and on land. It held my hat securely on my head, and I had no worry that it was going to blow off.
Nathaniel B., West Hills, CA
I am forever taking my cap off and usually sitting on it when I am driving my bass boat up and down the lake going to my next fishing spot. The Capsurz looks good, is easy to use and it really works!
Linda B., Madison, NC
Until now the wind was constantly blowing my cap off my head and because of this I was always having to tilt my head down while riding. Other devices for cap retainers are obviously very much inferior to yours. Capsurz WORKED GREAT.
Wm. C., Phoenix, AZ
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