Our thanks to the hat-wearing product reviewers who took their time to share their insights. We welcome requests from outdoor enthusiasts interested in giving Capsurz® a thorough test.

Margie Goldsmith, margiegoldsmith.com
Women’s Running Magazine

Capsurz keeps triathlete Margie Goldsmith’s hat on

Alex Russo, kayakdave.com
Capsurz – Cap Saver Product Review

Capsurz, barely noticeable on bearded Alex Russo “Kayakers know that one of the biggest and most frustrating challenges of wearing a baseball cap or hat on the water is the risk of losing it…As a kayak racer, if you lose your hat, there is no way you can “go back” to retrieve it without losing critical time…Capsurz secured with ease…you don’t have to worry about rust or unexpected tears—Capsurz are built for the long-haul.”

Elizabeth Aristeguieta
Capsurz Hat Clip – Sailing – Sail Away Girl

“…keep your hat on your head in windy conditions, say like, sailing…use a hat clip, but it still comes off…so annoying constantly retrieving hats that were dangling off of my shirt or jacket that I just finally stopped wearing a hat all together…Why will I wear a hat again? Because Capsurz got it right!”

Jason Renda, outdoorinformer.com
Tilley Endurables Organic Airflo T5MO & Capsurz review

“For your other hats without wind cords, Capsurz has an ideal and inexpensive product – a clip-on wind cord.”

Amy Jurries, thegearcaster.com
Never Lose Your Hat With Capsurz

“Stinson Beach, just North of San Francisco, is extremely windy almost every day. Many a time I have lost my hat and had to frantically chase it down the beach. I now religiously wear my Capsurz cap retainer whenever Lola and I head to the beach for a run. The Capsurz cap retainer ensures you will never lose that prize Yankees cap while enjoying any outdoor activity be it hiking, paddling, running, sailing or even driving your convertible to the beach.”

Ken. G., waterdogjournal.com
Capsurz Saved My Hat – A Review

Capsurz saves Ken G’s favorite fishing hat“…one day your favorite hat will launch from on top of your head and disappear over the horizon. A tragedy waiting to happen and it’s only a matter of when that will occur. I know I’d be bummed if my favorite summertime fishing hat suddenly floated out of reach down the river…trying to avoid having a storm kill me while out on the river…I was shocked when I reached for the top of my head, fully expecting nothing to be there, and there was my hat with the Capsurz chin strap tucked snugly under my chin.”