Eric and Mari, Para Designers Inc. Since 1988We’re like you: outdoor enthusiasts who want our hats to stay on our heads in the wind. So we develop a solution, make prototypes, get a patent, create a brand, go into production, build a website, get customurz. That part’s not like you? But that is us. Since 1988. Para Designers Inc. Mari Baskin and Eric Neumann.

Discovering a need, taking action to design the solution, and making it ready for use — that’s what we do at Para Designers. Some call it problem solving or invention or marketing. We are hard-wired to spot sticky situations with room for improvement.

Think about pants. Slacks. Jeans. By any name, many (but not all) come with belt loops. Your pants may or may not stay up on their own. Do you see where we’re headed? Capsurz® simply makes it possible to add a cord keeper to a hat that doesn’t come with one. Hats have had cords for centuries. Not all hats, but now they all can. Improved functionality and ramped up style (if you add a charm), that’s what we’re about.

When you, our customurz, are happy, we are our happiest. Show us someone who wouldn’t be happy hearing this Capsurz® satisfaction: “… truly the greatest thing since sliced bread!”

If you’re wondering why we invented Capsurz®: inspiration struck after seeing a distraught man lose his hat at the windy Pearl Harbor memorial. Decorated with many commemorative pins, his hat flew irretrievably away and sunk directly over the remains of the USS Arizona in full view of a sign prohibiting throwing anything into the water. Although unintentional, the final resting place for 1,177 sailors had been desecrated. Include our own inability to keep our hats on in windy Hawaii, a rental Jeep Wrangler convertible, and seeing a golfer’s hat fly down the fairway…we were hooked. Discover. Action. Ready.

We’re like you: discriminating shoppers who want quality materials, attention to detail, innovation, and common sense. That’s why Capsurz® are 100% Guaranteed, made of stainless steel, super strong cord, and Made in the USA.

Like many, Eric is a Vietnam Veteran, proud of serving in the U.S. Army and proud of building an American company. Your support continues to inspire our innovation. Thank you for being our customurz. More products are in the works!